What is the timeline for scholarships?

March 1 - Scholarship applications available

March 31 - Scholarship application deadline

Final Wednesday before graduation - Senior Awards Night, scholarship recipients awarded 

1 Week Post Graduation  - Thank You information is available on the website here

June 1 - Google form for payment request sent to recipients

June 15 - Google form for payment request due from the recipient

July - Scholarship funds distributed from DCGEF to the institution 

How do I submit my scholarship application?

You must follow the Google Classroom application submission process.

What if I changed my email address or phone number?

You’ll need to notify the DCGEF of any email address or phone number changes as any follow up for payment distribution will be sent to the non-DCG email address or cell phone number provided. Changes should be sent to contact@dcgeducationfoundation.org.

How do I apply for an Alumni scholarship?

You must read and complete the alumni scholarship application found here to be eligible for an alumni scholarship. Alumni scholarships are available and awarded in the same timeline as senior and renewable. No reminder information is sent about them and will be the responsibility of the alumni to check availability during the open application period.

How do I receive my renewable scholarship?

In order to receive your renewable scholarship, you must request the renewal by contacting contact@dcgeducationfoundation.org by June 15 each year you are eligible. The form will be provided to you for completion upon request.

Who will contact me regarding my scholarship award?

Award notification will be provided in a number of ways, including, but not limited to:

  1. Information on the next steps will be provided along with your award on Senior Awards Night. 

  2. An email and/or text message will be sent to recipients following Senior Awards Night with information regarding the next steps (duplicative of the hard copy received the night of). 

  3. Information on the website (this page of FAQs) with the same information on next steps

  4. Social media posts on both Facebook and Twitter will provide reference to the next steps.

Where can I get the payment request form?

The Scholarship Payment request form can be requested at contact@dcgeducationfoundation.org and can be emailed or texted. 

Who should I contact with questions?

Am I eligible for a deferment if I choose not to attend or enter the military?

At this time, deferments are not granted for those recipients who choose to enter the military or defer their college experience.

Scholarship FAQs

Date:            Saturday, November 2, 2019

Time:            5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Location:      Grimes Community Center